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  1. random_integer
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I need to be able to move a site from one multisite network on one server to another multisite network on another.
    This is so I can implement a staging->production environment.
    As far as I can see the database is my biggest problem.
    But does anyone have any insight on this problem?

  2. random_integer
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Also: I would like to move everything but the user generated content
    I.E. comments, users etc.
    I suppose I would just leave out those tables in the move.

    And the admin username and the admin username primary key in the database would be the same on both ends.

  3. random_integer
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Oh and the domain name will also be the same

  4. http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress#Moving_WordPress_Multisite

    Delete the content you don't want either before you move, or after.

  5. random_integer
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm sorry to continue this question but..
    I meant ask how to move a Single site from one multisite network to a different multisite network.

    I need to do a little more research to figure this out, but I thought if someone else was already doing this, I might as well ask.

  6. soulfulwriter
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Here is an idea:

    Have you tried exporting only the section of your database that has to do with the site that you want to move from your multisite section to another? For instance, click on wp-6 (corresponding to your site #6 in multisites db) and export all the tables from wp-6 only. Then, with a text editor, change the top section to the new database parameters and the wp-6 reference within the Insert text to your new table name for that site. Afterwards, access your new database in the server and either copy and paste or use the import feature. If any errors show up, just correct whatever MySQL says it's wrong. Most errors usually have to do with ID and Keys. You can do a search on your text before importing and change the values to those you have assigned to the new database.

    There is a non-plugin program that you can install on your root that is specially good for database changes in WP. It's called "searchreplacedb21". You should be able to find and downoad it from the plugin section on this site. You can use it to make changes after you create the new database for the site you want to move. Insert your import to the new database. Ignore the errors. Go to your browser address box and call the searchreplace program. Input the name of your new database and the info you need to change. It will do a complete search and replace. Afterwards, just delete the searchreplace file from your server for security reasons.

    I hope these suggestions help somehow.

    Cheers. :)

  7. I meant ask how to move a Single site from one multisite network to a different multisite network.


    You export the content from the network and import it into the next. It's just the easiest way.

  8. random_integer
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Just in case anyone was wondering. I have been successful.
    What I did was create a new site on the network I'm moving to.
    do a mysql add/drop of the tables that I'm moving to the new server.
    modify the sql files to match the new url and new table names (ie blog id)
    import the sql to the new network.

    of course the new network has to have the same plugins and themes for it to work completely.


    Thank-you everyone for the suggestions.

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