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  • hi guys!

    I have helped to build a site which has been finished and done…

    it was to replace an old site with the same hosting / sever.

    The site has displayed fine with no issues, both on a development site (which is where it was built) and as a preview on a partition on the server which it has been moved to…the preview is located here:

    when ive updated the DB host name on the config, and the site is re-directed it does not display correctly and is trying to drag the theme from the preview partition, making it appear totally wrong without any of the graphics / theme etc

    i dont know how to sort it out – i have a feeling that the guy hosting it is making things difficult somehow (as its his original site which is being replaced, although will still host the new site)…but my knowledge is very very limited!

    any ideas of what i can look into?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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