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    I created a recurring event, multiple dates, 3 sign-ups.

    Then I created a single event, no sign-up, with one entry.
    When I viewed this it displayed correctly, without a sign-up.

    I then moved the single event to the recurring event.
    When I viewed the recurring event, the single event displayed as a single event but it had acquired a sign-up (it didn’t have one when it was displayed in step 2 above).

    Then I changed the name of one of the tasks in the recurring event.
    When I then viewed it, the single event had all the recurring events added to it and all the recurring events had the single event added to them.

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    Have you tried reading the documentation?

    I do not understand what you are trying to do, and I think you are trying to do something that the plugin is not designed to do.

    By “event” do you mean Sheet? How are you “moving” a sheet to another sheet? There is no function to do that. By “sign up” are you talking about available signup slots, or actual signups that people have already made.

    You can set a sheet (which can be single or recurring) as a no sign-up event. That is set at the sheet level. You can’t current “move” one sheet to another, so I don’t understand how you are moving a no signup sheet to a sheet that already has signups. That’s not possible. If you copy tasks from a sheet that was set as a no sign up event to a sheet that is NOT set as no signups, it doesn’t matter, now those tasks also become signup tasks because “no signups” is set at the Sheet level, NOT the task level.

    I think that this is a simple case of user error/misunderstanding. There is not anything wrong with the plugin as designed. You can’t have a mix of signup tasks and no signup tasks on the same sheet.



    Thank you for your reply. I’ve read the documentation but am using the plugin for the first time today to see how I can use it in a way that best meets my needs. I apologise if I’ve used incorrect terminology. This is probably because the plug-in is new to me. Thank you for putting me straight.

    I created a sheet with a few recurring events. The sheet allowed sign-ups. Each event had 3 tasks/items.

    Then I created another sheet with a single event. I checked the box for no sign-up. There was only one task/item. When I viewed this it displayed correctly, without a sign-up.

    At the bottom of the edit tasks page there was an option to move all tasks from one sheet to another. So I did this and moved the task from the second sheet I created to the first sheet I had created.

    When I then viewed sheet 1, I noticed that the moved task had now acquired a sign-up field. At this stage the moved-in task was displayed as a single task (just as it was originally set up) whilst the original tasks were displayed in groups of 3 (just as they were originally set up).

    Subsequently, after I edited sheet 1, the way the format of the tasks changed. The single task was added to the group of 3 on all entries and the three were added to what had previously been the single task.

    I raised the matter because I didn’t spot anything in the documentation indicating that the formats of the two sheets involved in a move operation had to be the same. My apologies if it was there but I didn’t see it.

    I was trying it out because it seemed a simple way of indicating that an event had been cancelled.

    Plugin Author DBAR Productions


    Without trying to get into too many technical details, that option to move tasks to a different sheet was added by a code contributor who wanted a quick way to do that without having to edit database tables directly. It is not a “smart” function. All it does is change the “sheet_id” field for those tasks from the ID # of the old sheet to the ID # of the new sheet. It does NOT attempt to figure out if the sheet type is different (single, recurring, etc.), and so does not attempt to change the date or date format that is saved in the task table.

    The dates are saved a bit differently with the tasks depending on the type of sheet, so simple “moving” the tasks from one sheet to another is not enough to get the dates and date format update for the new sheet.

    AFTER you move the tasks to a new sheet, you then need to go to that sheet, edit the tasks, and save them again. At that point, the dates should be correctly updated to match what is needed for that Sheet type, and you should be good to go.

    The current database structure leaves a lot to be desired, especially with regards to recurring events. I would love to completely rewrite this plugin from scratch, knowing what I know now, but I simply can’t afford to at this point in time because I’m too busy with projects that actually help to put food on my family’s table, and because not enough people have expressed interest in paying for a much better designed “Pro” version. Please see this post on my site for more details, and feel free to contribute any thoughts you may have:

    Hope this helps clear things up a bit. I could probably clear up the documentation a bit more to cover that Move function and make it know that you will then have to edit those tasks and save again so the dates & formats get correctly updated.



    Thanks for your reply and explanation.
    Much clearer now, thank you.

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