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    I’ve been reading up on the how-to pages regarding transferring a WordPress site to a new hosting company, but I’m already over my head. I’m more of a designer than a programmer/hosting/IT person. Can I simply “export” the existing data from the Admin site and “import” it into the new one, then point the domain name to the new host once it’s done? Or do I need to grab the MySQL database using some sort of database program and upload it to the new host, etc.?

    It’s a heavily modified Woo Theme “Headlines.” I think I can do it “mostly” but the site in question has the following, so I’m afraid of losing something:

    1,653 Posts
    4 Pages
    12 Categories
    1,242 Tags
    1228 Approved
    15 Active Plugins
    16mb Export file size

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  • Here is something I have had success with when moving to a new hosting provider a very large site 29,000 posts and more.

    ftp down all files from old site then using a tool like phpMyadmin export out your database, (if it real large you may have to split it up, I found I had to split mine into 3 parts to get it to import properly)

    Then on new site upload all files downloaded, then create new database and import everything from the old one, then go and change the wp-config file to point to new database, user & password.

    Good Luck

    Awesome thanks so much, John!

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