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  • Good morning.

    I have a blog running WordPress 2.7 and want to change the theme. Now since I own the server where the blog is hosted and in order to play it safe, I decided to export the blog and import it under a different domain so as to experiment with the new theme on the non-important domain and when happy copy everything to the official one.

    My question is: after I am happy with the new theme on the non-official domain, do I have to go through the UPGRADE process documented at or I can simply copy the files from one place to another and then run wp-admin/upgrade.php?

    Thank you.

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  • I think the more fundamental question is: should you run Upgrade on a live WordPress installation, to upgrade from 2.7.x to 2.8?

    From personal experience, I can answer with an emphatic “No”. Not unless you’ve tested it on a clone (i.e. – test version) of your existing live site.

    In my case, Upgrade removed changes I had made to page.php, styles.css and other theme files. I was able to hand make those same changes to the new versions of the theme files.

    To avoid downtime on my live site, I did all this on a clone/test copy of the site. Then I ran Upgrade on the live site, and copied the changed version of the 2.8 files that I had hand made over to the live site, and had an outage well under 5 minutes in length.

    It is documented in the Codex, but to make a clone site, I copied the files and database to another site, and then used phpMyAdmin to alter the URL’s as noted in the Codex article.


    Refer this to move your domain:


    Shane G.

    Hi adiant.

    In hoping to explain myself clearly, this is what I did so far. Now to explain, I will refer to the official website which is currently online as LIVE and the clone one(other domain) as TEST:

    1. Export database using plugin from LIVE
    2. Import database in TEST using mysql.exe. Now although this kept on going forever, I realised data was copied so I stopped it.
    3. Copied theme from LIVE to TEST.
    4. Ended up with blog successfully running on TEST.
    5. Installed NEW theme on TEST which I still need to tweak.


    Yet to do:

    6. Install plugins on TEST, those currently used on LIVE
    7. Make sure new theme is working properly on TEST
    8. Copy everything on LIVE


    So from what you told me, I should complete everything on the TEST, then upgrade the LIVE and copy files from the TEST.

    Is that correct?

    This is correct, but only if TEST is V2.8 and LIVE is V2.7.

    And if you follow the instructions that are part of UPGRADE and backup the database and files on LIVE before doing the UPGRADE.

    What is making me uncomfortable here is that you will not have experienced the impact of UPGRADE before you run it on LIVE. I like “Dry Runs”.

    I had 2.7 running on both my TEST and LIVE sites, and used UPGRADE first on TEST, then documented the list of files that I had to change to make it work. Then I did UPGRADE on my LIVE site and immediately copied that list of files from TEST to LIVE.

    That was very helpful indeed, adiant, million thanks.

    Well I may do the whole process on TEST again starting with v2.7, better safe than sorry.

    Is v2.7 available for download though?



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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