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    Hello, thanks for this great plugin. It really fits my needs.
    Since I’m not Php savvy, I always try to get plugin which is shortcode friendly 😀

    Some questions I would like to ask regarding the plugin shortcode:
    1. Is it possible to get the movie taglines detail via shortcode, if it so how?
    2. How to custom the runtime format? I need to show it as 1:57 (117 minutes) or just 117 minutes, using the default format will show 1437962259, 117, 1:57 which is funny and confusing (sorry about that, maybe it’s just me anyway).
    3. How to embed the movie poster via shortcode? Using default shortcode only return the url path to the image not embed.

    Owh, I’m using the shortcodes in posts & pages.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • Great plugin! Thanks a lot Kolja!

    Just like wwwp, I’d also be interested in a shortcode to access the runtime in just one way e.g. detail=”runtime-hours” or such. That would be awesome.


    Plugin Author thaikolja


    Thanks for your replies.

    @wwwp: 1. What exactly do you mean with “movie tagline”? Can you give me an example?

    2. Do you want to customize the runtime output via the shortcode or in PHP?

    3. You can use HTML for that. Here’s an example: <img src="YOUR SHORTCODE HERE" />. Just make sure you do it in “Text” view, not in the “Visual” one.

    @ednamode: That sounds like a good idea. I’ll include it in the next version. Thanks both of you for the suggestion.

    Hi thaikolja,

    1. You can find Movie’s Taglines in storyline section at For example:
    Title: Ant-Man (2015)
    Taglines: This July, heroes don’t come any bigger.

    Title: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)
    Taglines: Go rogue

    2. Via shortcode is preferable, more like EdnaMode’s suggestion.

    3. Using this <img src=”[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt2381249″ detail=”poster”]” /> don’t work, due the “” conflict, but using either of these <img src=”[imdb_movie_detail title=’tt2381249′ detail=’poster’]” /> or <img src='[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt0478970″ detail=”poster”]’ /> works perfect.

    Highly appreciate your support for the plugin. Thank you 🙂

    Plugin Author thaikolja


    Alright, I’ve spent some time to implement the suggestions both of you had mentioned. I’m sure other users would benefit from them, too. So, thank you for that.

    Users are now able to specify which runtime format they’d like to have when using shortcodes. Here’s an example:

    However, adding the tagline is simply not possible which is where IMDb Connector gets its data from doesn’t provide this. And if I start a second website connection and scrape the content in order to get the tagline, the performance will be a disaster.

    I’ve uploaded the preview version on my web server. If one or both of you has a few minutes time on your hands, I’d much appreciate if you could test it out and tell me if everthing’s just as you wanted it. If everything’s fine, I’m gonna release it as the next official version.

    You can download the unofficial version here:

    And here are some screenshots:

    Plugin Author thaikolja


    Sorry, double post.

    About the tagline is as expected, so no worries about that, thanks for the head up.

    As the unofficial version 1.3 triggered error so it can’t be activated. Switched back to 1.2.1 and it went back to normal.

    Plugin Author thaikolja


    Sorry, I didn’t notice that. Try the link again, I’ve updated it, the bug should be gone. And let me know if all works.

    Working great now, thanks a lot Kolja.
    Writing a review now 🙂

    Plugin Author thaikolja


    Much appreciated!

    Oh wow, thank you so much Kolja! Was busy doing other stuff coming back to this… awesome indeed!

    In case somebody reads this and wants to to have the runtime displayed as hours via shortcode:
    [imdb_movie_detail title=”tt0076759″ detail=”runtime-hours”] didn’t display anything for me, but [imdb_movie_detail title=”tt0076759″ detail=”runtime”] displays the runtime in hours like so “1:25”.

    Thanks again Kolja – this saves a lot of time copy and pasting data 😀

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