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  1. wonderm00n
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm planning on building a movies showtimes website, and I'm wonder if I could get some tips on how to implement it in WordPress.

    I'll be receiving the showtimes informations from several automatic and manual sources.

    The structure will be something like:
    - Cinema Venue (theater)
    -- Subvenue (the room # where the movie is being played)
    --- Movie (with description, poster, year, actors, etc...)
    ---- Schedule date and time

    I was thinking of Movies and Theatres be posts in a specific category.
    Movie poster would be the featured image. Other fields as year and imdb id would be custom fields. What about actors? How would you do it?
    I could then have my own tables with the schedules linking the movies posts with theaters posts and the date/times of exhibition.
    I would then code a plugin that would show a homepage with all the searches using these details.

    Would you do it another way? Any suggestions?
    Would you make something from zero instead of using WordPress?

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