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    Check out my Movie-A-Week blog! I have over 300 films on my DVD shelf and I’ll be reviewing at least one movie a week! There’s also blogs about miscellaneous things I like on the web and more!

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  • David,

    There is a lot that I like about the site. It’s very dynamic – like a few sites in one. I also like the fact that the background is black. I’ve always wanted to do a site in black. The background image in the header area keeps it from too dark. I know it’s hard to add depth to the fonts but I’d try to do something with the movie a week sidebar – the text gets a little indistinguishable.

    I’d definitely check it out again to see what you’re up to.

    One question – why did you set it up so that ‘wordpress’ is in your url at all. It might be better to fix that sooner than later.

    I have to disagree with redhousepainter. My vision is less than perfect these days, and I have a very hard time reading against that background image. I would probably have liked it in my younger days, but I’m not that old yet.



    Would have to agree with Chrisber, white on a blackground simply does not lead to people staying for very long on your site … it becomes glaring after about five minutes. Like the background on the front page, that’s dynamic and impactful, but then there’s simply nothing that would make me want to cruise the rest of the site.

    New to this whole weblog thing, so maybe I’m missing something in overall design and layout.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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