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  • soreelflix


    this site creation is almost done and on the verge of posting news and reviews

    but before hand i would like a review…..
    is the site easy on the eyes?
    is the navigation easy to get around?

    what ever els you feel like picking apart…the good and bad please help me out

    right now im not useing any caching plugins as it seems the 2 i have messes up the site (wp super cache, w3 total cache)

    the slowest page is

    another page is the movie review page design ….

    thanks for reading looking forward for the reviews the tips the suggestions and the fixes you recommend

    sorry for the log post haha

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  • soreelflix


    don’t mean to bump

    i updated a few things also i got wp super cache working
    and started to delete all the test posts and adding all the news and reviews from my site

    also would like to see how the site runs (speed wise) on others comps
    links are in 1st post

    ps the last link has changed…to

    for my template for movie reviews

    Abhishek Ghosh


    Hello soreelflix,

    Overall Presentation : Quite nice with a retro look. Not every website needs to be look of same style. I liked the idea. I guess you have not completed the design fully, its going towards good in my opinion.

    My rating : 7 / 10

    Use of Colors and Graphics
    : Color palate selection is probably appropriate. Some enhancement with CSS might increase the attraction to the visitors.

    My rating : 7 / 10

    Site Navigation, usage of WordPress Features : Give importance to the sidebar. A visitor of a website of your niche tends to spend more time on the site, in my opinion, so your apprehension for navigation is actually a bit magnified to yourself. However, try to resize the banner images properly.

    My rating : 8 / 10

    Page Speed : Complete failure and you know it ! The homepage is taking 31 seconds to load :

    My rating : 1 / 10

    Validation : Has 43 Errors, 22 warning(s) ;

    Suggestions :

    1. Tweak WordPress Cache Plugin. Please read my old Site Reviews :

    and fix the validation errors. Must use a CDN.

    2. Minify and combine CSS and js files. Use asynchronous loading wherever possible.

    3. Rich Snippets, rel tags, authorship : These days these are suggested for better SERP.

    4. WP Super cache might be easier for you as you indicated mess up. But, complete manual uninstallation is must before activating / reinstalling them. However, WP Super cache needs other plugins for minify, uploading to cdn etc.



    k i don’t really understand some of the errors …i fixed alot of the img stuf but

    Line 485, Column 115: required attribute "alt" not specified
    …" width="250" height="250"  />

    the > at the end is having probs

    here is my full html for that

    <!--add note in here
    <a href=""target="_blank">
    <img src="" width="250" height="250"  />

    could you tell me what is wrong ..thanks

    ps thats pretty much all that needs fixing….seems like all my errors are due to this …but i dont understand it

    here is the site that gives the errors



    wish i could edit my post so i dont have double post….

    i dont have any probs with speed…it loads up in 3 secs for me on 4 diff computers…i get 94 out of 100 from

    also have any suggestions on how i can get your score from 7 to 8 haha


    Abhishek Ghosh


    Its loading smoothly on my computer (7.2 MBPS), but only for one file, those who are still using 256 kbps modem, will get stuck, the file is background image. Use Yahoo’s loose-less compression or use some small file with CSS repeat.

    Reducing that image will push the score 9/10 , because all others are absolutely ok (except the errors taking 1 from you).

    Regarding the errors, you are using Genesis (Lifestyle theme). Its my favorite framework as it is optimized on every aspect. Its odd that you are getting the errors. By default Lifestyle should be error free. Some plugins might add various errors.

    From 43 Errors to 23 Errors in one day – great work. It appears wysija-newsletters, wp-slimstat plugins are adding some errors. You might deactivate temporarily, clear the cache and check.



    I like the site. Can’t wait to see it when more content is added.
    Thumbs up, bro.



    hey thanks. the site should be up and running normally at the end of the month. i will be giving away a dvd too around the same time.

    right now im adding all my old content from my blog so the site isn’t empty looking
    the dvd releases and big screen section is up and running to see what movies are coming out.

    gotta say this my first time creating a site first time even looking at coding (css html)



    updated my text also added some text effects only viewable in firefox as its a webkit

    added more content

    im pretty much done with how the site looks

    i am going to announce that the site is up this week end to all my followers and facebook followers

    let me know if it looks ok to you

    i hope no one dislikes the heading text for main news im using Comic Sans

    changed the font as alot of folks dont like that font also reduced my background image from 3.9mb to 148.5 kb
    so the site loads faster

    added a footer with content

    im done/…let me know what you guys think

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