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  • I’m also very interested in this plugin (if it exists)…

    I would like that as well. I am quite sure that if it exists you can plug in your associates i.d.?

    Alternative to a plugin:’s DVDpedia (for Mac), which is a lovely program, and exports to all sorts of shiny templates for online viewing, etc. (They also have created Bookpedia and CDpedia, which I also adore.)

    looks great; but can I import it into a template-page of wp?
    I want to use it as an extra function at my site… so I don’t want to pay $18,- only for my own administration.

    It is possible, but tell me what you would like to have
    Since this script )or something like it( would have YOU to edit / add all the items in there…..

    Let me know and I will let you know what I come up with 🙂

    I would love to have something like this, seeing as how I love to talk about movies, TV shows and music… this would make a welcome addition to my site.

    If someone’s looking on how to construct it, I’d want the main page to display the name, a summary (a la expanded blogging posts) of the review, and a rating system – be it numbers, stars, whatever. Then a reader can click on the title or More link and go to the rest of the review. Possibly pull an image from IMDB or Amazon for covers?

    But it wouldn’t be a problem if you added and changed (edited) the information yourselve right ?

    have you guys tried

    * Add images from Amazon
    * Add a link from Amazon
    * Add a rating
    * Create custom ratings

    It’s a WP plugin which is designed to work better for reviews. Currently doesn’t support multipages but does everything else review related – the lack of multipages is the reason I haven’t used it, but it’s a really nifty plugin otherwise. The other thing it does which I noticed was it took the page slug from the title of the post. So say you name the post Hell of a movie – that would be the post slug, whereas the item would link to the correct titled item, when being indexed the post slug that is indexed is what you name your post rather than the title of the item (is that simple to understand?)

    If there is a movie like database plugin – what might be an idea is to make a general media plugin, for movies, books etc. So when content is posted it drags information such as author/director/artist and release date of the item – I guess this may be more difficult than it sounds, but it would be great to have a complete information set for an item being reviewed.

    Have you seen this development:

    I think I’m quicker in announcing this plugin than Dan is :):)

    Whatch out for this invader from space! He’s writing plugins for a hobby! 🙂

    (hope I didn’t spoil it for you Dan. I’ll leave the pleasure of starting a new topic about this to you)

    What the f*ck moxie, damn youre fast…

    Even before I wrote about it myself

    I started the new topic 😀

    CG-Amazon can easily be used for this purpose — just check out CHAITGEAR ( for many examples, or the recent posts about using CG-Amazon for doing ‘currently reading’ lists and such.

    When combined with CG-Inline, you can insert different types of auto-generated Amazon links into your posts with very quick macro text. The generated links are controlled at three levels:
    – the macro allows certain overrides, such as the size of inlined image block, or whether to do a in-body text link to a product versus a floating image block with button/price/etc.
    – the cga-config.php file has global preferences that control what is output for sidebar/inline generated amazon product links. So you can turn on/off prices, or other extra data fields (any, basically), etc. Also impacts the class names and div/span encapsulations.
    – the cg-amazon.css file gives you a place to put all your visual control over the output data, which is all class-ified distinctly for styling.

    Just FYI! 😉


    David, I’m not sure if that’s the same thing, but let me understand this – the inline plugin will “drag” say the author name, release date etc from a title and place it as text within a post?

    CG-Inline+CG-Amazon can do one of two things:
    1. an inlined text link that has product title (well, is now — there’s apparently been a bug since 1.0b1 or so…) and links to amazon. I don’t yet have ‘control’ to have you define what ‘fields’ to pull as the text for the link.
    2. a DIV block element, that by default is floated, that can contain the image (small, small-medium, medium, large) with or without the %off price thingy, the price, product name, other optional details, and the buy-from-amazon button. There are some minimal controls for what generates into the block at the moment.


    The Structured blogging plugin works great. I’ve attempted to test the Rum Plugin, but I dont see the admin in the options section after I activate the plugin

    7milesdown: I do not think you are supposed to see admin feature in the options section with the RumMovie plugin. I added and activated it, and all I see is a new button in the quicktag section on write post in the admin. The button is named “IMDB”. Check if you got it there.

    To use the RumMovie plugin I also had to install his RumCategory plugin (to prevent the posts to be shown on the first page) which is to be found on his website + a small patch in functions.php to make the movielist in alphabetical order. He was kind enough to add his own functions.php for me at his website so I could grab it (couldn’t figure out the patch by myself)

    To result can be viewed here:

    The only thing I don’t like is that you get a category with a post of every movie and you make the nicer looking list from that category. This mean that you will have a category with a post for every movie + a nicer looking list as shown above for your visitors to view. It would look cleaner if the category with all the posts in could be hidden, RummandDan will hopefully look into that at some point 🙂

    Hope this was understandable.

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