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    Dear all

    Thanks a lot for this fantastic plugin! May I just ask one question?

    One of the great features of this pluin is, that when scrolling on the website, the icons start to move a little bit and do come back to the initial position again.

    That’s great and get’s the attention of the visitor. But I would like to reduce the distance / way the icons move to make the site less “nervous”. I would like to have just a very slight movement, now it looks too nervous.

    Is there any parameter (maybe in custom css or somewhere else) where I can influence how much the icons are moving when scrolling?

    Thanks a lot and MERRY CHRISTMAS

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  • Plugin Author socialdude


    Thank you for your nice words!

    Yes you may 🙂

    It shouldn’t look nervous. Maybe there is a “jumpy” effect due to conflict with your theme. What’s your site url so that we can see?

    Thanks for your fast answer!

    Sorry, no, there’s nothing wrong with the plugin, the movement is quite smooth. Maybe “nervous” is a matter of taste and I described it wrongly with “nervous”.

    I just would like to have less movement to make it more subtle.

    The site is:

    Thanks again!

    P.S. maybe I thought about “nervous” because the movement is quite fast? Maybe it would be possible to slow the movement down a little bit, this would reduce the “nervous”-effect?

    Plugin Author socialdude


    Can you insert this CSS code in your theme?

    div#sfsi_plus_floater {
    scroll-behavior: smooth!important;

    That should make it a bit smoother.

    If that doesn’t work: If you get this plugin then you can make them “sticky” so that there is no floating effect.

    Thanks for the code. I implemented it, but now I’m not sure anymore if there’s a difference or not 🙂

    But anyhow, if there are no other parameters to influence the behaviour when scrolling that’s okay. It still looks very nice and I love these cute little icons.

    Thanks a lot for your great work and have a fantastic Christmas time!

    Plugin Author socialdude


    Ok cool. Thank you, Happy Christmas to you too, may Samichluus bring a lot of presents! 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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