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  • I made a copy of my WP site and installed it locally on my Mac using MAMP so I can do testing.

    This local copy isn’t displaying images in the pages or posts, but the images are there…they show up in Media Library and if I edit a page or post, the images show up there, too. If I copy/paste the url of the uploaded image from Media Library, the image opens in my web browser. In fact, the images appear everywhere they should EXCEPT on the blog pages and posts.

    I’ve done extensive Googling and tried the following common suggestions, but none of them have worked:

    -Changing the theme…the problem happens no matter which theme I use

    -Changing the permissions on the wp-content folder to chmod 777

    -Changing the path in the Settings>Media area (tried various combinations, but ended up leaving it set to the default…blank, which equals wp-content/uploads). “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders” is selected.

    -Used Find/Replace plugin to change all the database paths from the old production URL to the new dev url (localhost:8888/stgdev)

    I’m kind of stumped here…can anyone point me in the right direction so I can resolve this? It’s hard to do design work on my site when I can’t see the images.



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  • let’s hope it’s just the siteurl or address in settings.

    if it’s not, my only idea would be to go database diving and look at the wp_posts and wp_attachment tables (and meta, etc) to make sure the attachment id being called by the post has the right file location saved.


    The siteurl and address are correct for the dev site.

    I scanned the database pretty thoroughly and made sure the urls are correct in there, too (guid in the “Posts” table and “meta_value” in the “postmeta” table). Everything looks good to me.

    It almost seems like some kind of permissions issue…not sure what’s going on with this.

    OK…I figured it out. It was caused by a plug-in! The “WinkPress Affiliate Links Manager” plug-in, to be exact.

    Disabling that caused the images to appear again…who would’ve thought?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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