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  • I spent $30 last night on the WordPress Customization option and a lot of time on my site thinking that when I exported and re-imported to the new domain everything would transfer. I thought the customization options would carry over. Apparently that was my n00b mistake and I have no idea what I’m doing. I guess there is no easy way to do this? My site that looked super awesome looks like poop now and I don’t know how to fix it. Do I just need to save my money and hire someone to fix it for me now and hope I don’t lose any of my 681 followers. 🙁 – the ugly version. 🙂

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  • When you move from .COM, things WILL look different on your new site – partly because the versions of the same theme are not always identical between .COM and .ORG, and because not all settings/options are the same either. So you can either learn how to fix it or yes, you could hire someone It actually doesn’t look bad to me :).

    To move your followers, you need to activate JetPack plugin on your new site and then ask the .COM people to move your followers for you. Just post on their forums – include both domain names (if different) and mention that you already have JetPack set up on your new site.

    thanks. You should have seen how awesome it was before. 🙂

    quick question that if it doesn’t have a quick answer you can ignore me and I’ll be totally cool with it.

    Changing the background – how do I keep the white strip in the middle? I had a background before with the white in the middle so you could actually read the posts, but now when I update the background it takes up the whole thing rendering the posts unreadable. Does that make sense?

    Also – the header previously would go underneath the title and extend from edge to edge of the white space in the middle. Now when uploaded it is really small and just in the top right hand corner?

    Again. If this too much just let me know. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.

    Yeah, I know that kind of thing sucks – but you really can figure out anything new you need to learn and put it back ship-shape :)! And I bet you’re going to love having 100% control over your new site once you get this sorted out!

    Have you gone through the theme options and tried resetting things? I’m happy to help, just want to be sure we’re starting in the best place.

    The other thing is that if we need to make any changes other than CSS, you’ll really want to use a Child Theme – that’s so that changes to theme files don’t get overwritten when the theme is updated. Like for the header, I think we might have to get into some code stuff. I’ll install this theme on a test site so I can look at it more closely.

    I have – I was/am using oxygen – which I really like. I’ll look over the child themes right now and stop trying to re-link all my featured pictures. 🙂

    Okay – I still can’t get into my ftp server, so I can’t create a child directory right now. I guess I’ll call DreamHost in the morning. I probably need to go kill some Black Ops II zombies before I throw my computer through the window. Or bang my head on the desk and bruise my forehead. Something like that. 😀

    What’s with FTP? You do know that’s not the same login info as any other, right?

    LOL! BTW, nice site – I like your writing :).

    And certainly come back if and when we can help you on next steps.

    Yip – it keeps saying this:

    Site Temporarily Unavailable

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.
    error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

    And thanks. Ugh. The lengths I will go to try and make a little extra on the side. It better work. 😉

    Yeah, I think that’s a DH one. But they’re good in my experience, so hopefully you’ll get that fixed soon.



    DreamHost Support Rep

    Hey Tracy!

    Ellice from @dreamhostcare here! That bad_httpd_conf error was a result of DNS propagation since you recently changed your nameservers to point to us. DNS propagation can take anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple days (usually a few hours). But it looks like your site is just about done propagating, since I can see it on my end, and from what I can tell here:

    If you don’t see the site yet, give it some time, or try these in the meantime:

    Yay! – Thanks. Tell your boss to give you a raise. 🙂

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