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  1. awildthingy
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Ok, so this may be a long post so bear with me here, I am developing a wordpress site on a localhost and want to show the client my progress. I cloned the entire install (files and database) and put it in place on my web server. I then went to phpmyadmin to change site and home urls manually and edit wp-config with the new information. I at this point look at the site, and find the homepage works (images and all) but no other page I test works and cannot log into the admin panel. Through a trip around the block on the codex and here on the forums I am able to reset those urls in a couple more places and get the rest of the frontend working. I can see wp-login but it loops back on itself to a blank page regaurdless of user. I have gone through everything I thought applicable on the “Login Trouble” and “moving wordpress” codex pages and still nothing.

    Cleared browser cache
    uploaded a fresh copy of the wp-admin folder and wp-login.php
    Changed permissions to 755 on wp-admin folder and children
    Disabled all wordpress plugins
    Commented out and appended the suggested code in wp-login.php
    Messed with the .htaccess file

    http://www.arwild.net/kulpenergy is the url for the adventurous.

    The one avenue I might be overlooking is the .htaccess file, Codex says to disable it but not where. I am not familiar with the syntax of it so I took a couple shots in the dark. Starting to get frustrated, seems like it should work; What am I missing?

  2. awildthingy
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I found out that I missed that the errors were disabled and fixed the real problem that I couldn't see initially.

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