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  • Hi all,

    Probably made a major mistake here, but I’ll just list what I’ve done, and perhaps someone can tell me where I went wrong and IF it can be fixed. I have backed up my wordpress folder, but not my database, so here goes…

    I had been testing how viable a blog is on my site. I came to the conclusion that it was going to work, and so wanted to change the URL from to just as WP wants to do when it’s first installed.

    So, (stupid me) I changed the options from inside the WP admin from “/blog” and just deleted to make it in the idex directory (I think that it right, no?) and then also changed the folder that wordpress was installed in from”blog” to “wordpress.”

    The blog lost the pics, and the CSS sheet, because it still displayed the WP content (except for the posts).

    So (again stupid me) I deleted the Database and tried to start again.

    So what I’d like to do, is have the blog as my the homepage. Because of the shenanigans I made with everything, it’s just broken. I have now got the hello world post, but the URL is Still not just

    Any ideas?

    Do I need to re-delete my database or change settings or something?

    I would very much appreciate the advice.

    Many thanks,

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