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  • Hello everyone! I’m new here. Just recently got going on WordPress. I transferred my post from Google’s Blogger and am up and running. So, I’m eager to learn and hopefully tweak my site into something fun and useful to others. If you have time I’d appreciate you taking a peek and letting me know what you think. I’d also be very pleased to look over your sites. Here’s the link:

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  • Ugly Background! And took to long time to Load! I love that it is Easy to read what you write, my poor eyes! Your blog has a bright future! I am also a switcher from blogspot, So tell me what you think about mine, so can we help each other to better blogging!

    [Stop posting links to your own site!]

    Your half battle is won by the wise decision – using a basic theme to start with. You can thoughtfully change it later.

    The first thing is, when you were on Blogger, the URLs ended with *.html extension. So you must be careful to get the older backlinks to this new setup (on your setup it ends with usual “/”). Second is (probably you have done it), you have to redirect the old webpages to the corresponding newer. In Blogger it is relatively easier, just Google search it. You need to add some codes at header of old blog.

    Third point is, as it is a photography blog, there will be lot of high quality images. You can use looseless compression to make them lighter in size or try to use Flicker like service to serve them (or use a CDN later).

    Most important thing I noticed, your images are still on your Google Blogger’s blog related repository. You need to import them to your own server.

    Please copy paste this url on your browser’s address bar to check which are not on your server :

    As you are a new user, this info might be helpful to you : almost all of us use W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache Plugin like cache plugins to make our websites load faster plus to save our bandwidth.

    On your WordPress Admin panel, there are options to set whether you want to show the full content or not, how many posts you will show etc. As it is a Photography blog, you probably want to reduce the number of posts to load less number of images at home page.

    Your website is quite good.

    Abhishek, thanks for your detailed response and critique. Being a newbie, I understand some of the information you have shared, but I have much to learn to understand all of it. So are I was able to find, download, and install W3 Total Cache. Hopefully it will help. I have not been able to find the part of the Admin panel that will all me to set the option of enabling full content or not, or how many posts to show. Can you be more specific on how to find this?
    Thanks again for your suggestions, I appreciate it!

    How you moved from blogger to wp? Ant it is loading fast, not bad.


    You are welcome. How many posts will show and to set the option of enabling full content or not, is actually Theme’s function. As you are using WordPress’s default theme (twentyten), you can control it from Reading Settings. Here is the screenshot of reading settings screen of WordPress.

    Please remember, for custom themes, usually there is a separate Theme options page (in my screen shot its Genesis option, it is an example, for me, how many posts will show and to set the option of enabling full content or not, will not be controlled from this page of Reading settings of screen shot, it will control the feed only, I need to control that from my theme Genesis’s option page). Some user was confused with this function (in troubleshooting section).

    W3 Total Cache usually needs a bit tweaking. You will get adequate links to tutorials on W3 Total Cache Plugin’s official page.

    Abhishek, thanks again for taking the time to help! Your advice is perfect and I will follow up today. I would not have thought to look in the Theme options. Your link to W3 Total Cache should also prove to be useful! Thanks again!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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