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  • I have had my blog up and running fine in a subdirectory /blog but wanted to move it to the root. I followed the instructions given except two steps. I didnt move any .htaccess files as i couldnt see any, and i also looked at the blog after i had changed the URI and before i moved the files. It seems as though now my site has lost its link to the stylesheet. Everything is there but the text and setup has lost its css files. Can anyone tell me if i have broken this link or have i overwritten a .htaccess file? and whatever i have done, how do i fix it? Any help would be Extremely appreciated!!

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  • A link would help so we can see where the URL is pointed to. 🙂

    have you changed the URLs within Dashboard -> Options?

    ahh yes.

    it seems to be pointed to the correct spot when viewing the source.
    yeh the urls are changed in the options section

    actually it seems to be linking images incorrectly to the old subdirectory also

    Hmm, looks fine to me. here’s your CSS file. Loads fine.

    The pictures are incorrect as you noted:

    You’re going to have to go though and remove the ‘blog’ bit.

    ahh. i cleared my cache and, your right, it looks fine.

    all that stress over nothing.

    cheers drmike!!

    Not a problem. 🙂

    Please be sure to take a second and mark this thread as resolved for us. Make the bean counters happy. 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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