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  • Hi WP Community,
    Okay, this is probably a very common problem. And yes, I did over an hour of reading other posts with no luck, so here I am.

    I moved webhosts today. I backed up within Cpanel using the backup then entire home directory option. Then restored on the new host Cpanel and all the folders are there. Then I did the same with the databases one by one and they’re all back. But when I go to my pages none of my databases are synched up.

    Now since I haven’t changed anything between the WP install and the db, I’m curious why the db password would be different or not somehow synced up.

    The only difference between hosts is my admin password. The username is the same. Does Mysql generate a password string somehow based on the admin password?

    Anyway, I also added the same user and password within the mysql databases section and added this user to the db. Still no luck getting my site to display.

    So I did what it said and looked at wp-config.php within that WP directory via FTP. It lists a password like 0as9e009s8df8 (not actual). Basically a random num/text password. I assume this password is from my old host’s Fantastico install which matched with the username_wrp4 db it created.

    So now I am wondering how to get the db back online?

    I tried my new admin password within the wp-config.php with no luck.

    I also tried looking around in phpmyadmin for a spot where I can change the db password for each db with no luck. I believe this would be the best place to do it and just choose my own password right?

    Can someone tell me what I’m misunderstanding here?

    The docs are failing me today.

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  • Anyone can help me with this?
    Thx in advance.

    Your mysql username and password dont’ actually have anything to do with the wordpress database, as far as I know. WordPress just uses them to access the tables, but they’re not stored in the database itself.

    Basically, you set the MySQL username and password in wp-config, and then wordpress uses them to talk to the database. Are you sure you changed them in wp-config.php? If you moved hosts, it’s likely that the details have changed.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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