Moved to new domain, cannot log in or get site back up (3 posts)

  1. Phazedout
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello kind wordpress folks,

    I am co host of the gatecast podcast, previously at gatecast.phazecast.com. In order to improve visibilty of the site I Registered http://www.gatecast.co.uk and transferred the primary domain host to that. I altered the refernce url from gatecast.phazecast.com to gatecast.co.uk, thing is it's on a subdomain (gatecast) of phazecast.com, this subdomain has transferred over with the hosting but I cannot log in to wp-admin, I can access a limited version of the site by going to gatecast.gatecast.co.uk but when I attempt to login it redirects to http://www.gatecast.co.uk and gives a 404 error.

    I tried three things to date
    firstly in my domain manager I renamed the subdomain to podcast and attempted to login to podcast.gatecast.co.uk, same 404 result
    I added the update line to the default.php within the gatecast theme still no joy
    I then renamed the gatecast theme folder to something else to see if it would reset to the defautl theme and allow me to login in, still no joy.

    So at present I have my wordpress install in a subfolder of my domain called gatecast. What I want to do is remove the default site which currently sits on the root and have http://www.gatecast.co.uk point to the wordpress site.

    Please assist and let me know if I need to provide any further information

    Kind regards and in the hope of assitance.

  2. cvtfradio
    Posted 3 years ago #

    try using a redirection entry inside a .htaccess file;


    try this link for instructions.

  3. Phazedout
    Posted 3 years ago #

    thanks, we tried that but I kept getting a 500 error with the redirect, it occurs to me I left something out, my hosting from the old domain (phazecast.com) has been transferred to the new domain. What we (me and my co host) elected to do was do a fresh wordpress install on the new domain, in the root. now we still have all the content in a folder called gatecast, which is accessible by ftp. Is there a way to transfer the content (posts etc) up to the new install or to relink the database form the old install to the new one. I have coding experince so don't mind being linked to code fragments, sql etc. Otherwise we'll just rebuild the site form scratch, which I'd rather not do, we're a small podcast with a core of dedicated (or deluded( listeners.

    Thansk again.

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