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  • I have been trying to move the WordPress site that I built on a local install to a site hosted by IPower.

    IPower will automatically install version 2.0 but nothing higher so I did a manual install of 2.2.1, since that’s what I built the site at.

    When trying to save changes to some admin functions in the dashboard (uploads through plugins, add user, options_general,_writing,_reading,_discussion, and _misc) the install produces an error page “Server not found. Firefox can’t find server”

    My posts, pages, and a few other things are fine.

    In the file path, I can see that it is looking for http://wordpress/wp-admin/… whereas the areas that are functioning properly say

    I’ve been combing the tables and can’t see what I am missing, or is this error generated by something else?

    I’ve also deleted and reinstalled wp-admin/admin-functions.php and plugins.php to no good effect.

    On the server, everything in my install shows the manually installed version, however, vdeck still persists in listing it in the menu as WordPress 2.0. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

    (I tried using the IPower vdeck auto install and the auto install with update. This problem has persisted through all of these attempts and doing the auto installs created a number of other problems in addition.)

    I’d appreciate any ideas…thanks

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