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  • I did the switch over last year and don’t remember much about it.
    I can see that some image links are still http
    all was working fine till a week back then lots of pages failing to show and giving 431 errors.
    Only pages in the comms folder have this problem (these are landing pages built in a different tool)
    After some strugling I discovered the problem is only in Chrome, so I most likely have Google to thank for my weekend at work.
    One problem I discovered is that chrome latest version rejected any page with – in the name . I spent a day renaming pages and hoped that might be the end of it but no.

    Now find that strangely it is happy with mixed content. i.e https page containing http: images and scripts works fine but use https for assets and the page displays with no styles, pictures or JavaScript rendering.

    I was tempted to just search replace and make everything http, but google will penalise heavily if use non secure landing pages with ppc adverts so I need to resolve it properly.
    As far as I can see this only happens in that /comms subfolder
    I vaguely rememebr adding a rewrite rule but that owuld have been rewriting http to https so I strugle to see how that is part of the problem.
    I have no idea where to go next with this.
    I sense there is an explanation if I knew moe about apache and wordpress.
    started a few days ago – most likely after a chrome update (there could b a coincidence though)
    Only happens i /comms subfolder which is not a part of the wordpress install.
    Only a problem with chrome, edge and ie work just fine.
    The 431 errors were a total misnomer. It had nothing to od with header length form what I could see.
    I cleared all cookies
    I deleted cache in wordpress and in the browser regularly
    I renamed 147 pages and tracked the links to them all manually
    Any suggestions would be great

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I just short-circuited that whole problem by using Cloudflare and their free SSL with cert.

    So the Origin is insecure to Cloudflare but the public site (via Cloudflare’s proxy) is secure.

    The Cloudflare plugin then helps enhance that Origin to Cloudflare connection if you wish to dig into that deeper at your convenience which may be necessary for a storefront with Payment processing, HIPAA, or a membership site.

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    Thanks, it sounds like quite a workaround, but if all else fails Ill give it a shot.
    Im not clear and why this is happening and why now.
    It is currently only a chrome based issue, which is suspicious to me

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