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  • Ok I searched the forums and could not find anything on this. My old host went out of business so I moved over to 1and1 hosting. I got all of my files back into place and resotred the SQL stuff and was getting an error about the includes/wp-db.php Well naturally i tried the first thing i thought of and replaced it with a fresh version. It worked, the sites up and running..sorta. The only error I found was when submitting a new post (only when i click the Publish button), the screen just goes to a blank white screen. The post will actually go through but i have to manualy get myself back to the dashboard. Its not a huge error but i would like it to be fixed. Any ideas? – Nick (

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  • I would do a database backup of your settings, backup your theme files etc., backup anything you made changes to, then clean out the server directory where WP is installed, drop (delete) the DB. After that, create a fresh DB, and do a clean new install of the latest version of WP, then import your old posts, data, etc, and update your theme, and so on.

    I’ve run into similar issues when moving sites around, etc, and have found that a fresh install always cures all problems. So, now I just start out that way, rather than trying to get the “old” site files running on a different server.

    Is there an easier way?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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