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  • plinth


    So I’ve moved a WP site from a development server to a live server using the following method:

    • copy all plugins, media uploads and theme folder
    • make sql dump of new database via phpMyAdmin
    • do find/replace to update all instances of old site name
    • drop all tables on the live database
    • import sql dump of new database
    • activate new theme

    Following this method, everything looks good; the site loads as it should, everything looks hunky-dory.

    However, I’m using the More Fields plugin to add some extra fields/meta boxes so that each page can have a different image in the header for example.

    When I try to insert the output from one of these meta boxes, it just displays the image id, rather than the full image url. Here’s the code in my page.php:

    <img src="<?php $values = get_post_custom_values("panelimage"); echo $values[0]; ?>" width="1038" height="337">

    On the development server this outputs something like the following:

    <img width="1038" height="337" src="">

    But now I just get this:

    <img width="1038" height="337" src="501">

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  • plinth


    Problem solved – it’s a More Fields plugin issue. I rolled back to the previous version (2.0.5) and it’s working again.

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