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  • Donna


    Hi. I hope someone can help me. I’m sort of a beginner/intermed user I guess. I moved a site from one domain and host to another domain and host. (both Linux hosts) I have my site up, but it has issues with images. ( )
    (1) I have an uploads location wp-content/uploads/Images/uploads that I want to get rid of (kind of least concern, but keep it in mind)
    (2) I wanted to have subdirectories for my images, i.e. uploads/Images/Headers ; uploads/Images/Logos ; uploads/Images/Teachers ; …I have a lot of images…
    I guess at some point in the previous install WP couldn’t write to uploads, so it ‘created’ a 2nd uploads folder at uploads/Images/uploads

    But now, my images aren’t in my site…I edited all the paths in the db file, they are good. And I can find them in the media manager, but when I open up an image to ‘edit’ or something, I see the path/url for the image says “” …I’ve looked through the database and I can’t find the problem…I searched for it, and it’s not there…so something else is going on… Anyone got any ideas?

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