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  • Okay, I’m almost there…!

    I’ve had a wordpress site running locally using MAMP and I’ve spent the day installing it onto a remote server.I’ve already done this once and it worked, but well, have a look here:

    as you can see, the address works then bounces me to a non-existent address with the remnants of the MAMP address (‘:8888). The rest of the site is almost perfect in so much as if I type in I can get into my admin side and edit the info.

    I’ve checked the wp-config file, I’ve gone into the admin-settings-general and ensured that the address and site url are and I’ve also gone into the DB file and changed the wp_options site URL to the correct address.

    Also done a find and replace and searched for :8888 – what little there were of those have been changed also.

    Anyone have an idea?

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  • Did you figure this out? looks like it’s working now.

    hey there – yes, almost, I think!

    I managed it through trial and error. Not necessarily in this order, I altered the permalinks options back and forth. I was having an issue with the media library not recognising/linking so again I deleted the path, put a direct path, then went back to default.

    I’m still having issues with some of the formatting, but that’s more a case of re-establishing the image links as I go.

    Thanks for looking though!


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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