• Hi Robert, I backed up my site and DB then I aimed my name servers at a new host and the next morning I uploaded the site to the new host.

    All my maps and markers were there but it was clear something was working quite right.
    So I deactivated and deleted the plugin and reinstalled (I also ran a DB optimizer) I deactivated all plugins and then reactivated them a few at a time. All seems to be working now.

    But! when I create a layer, it seems to be working and when I add the marker, all seems good. But when I go to preview the layer it shows the correct map but not the marker. (I added no code and left the text in the marker plain). I have a screen shot in an email if you want that..

    The marker shows up in the text box under the map where all the markers normally show up. I also had to reset all the defaults to get it running so I’m wondering if the defaults may have something pointing to the wrong location and I haven’t spotted it?


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    Hi Jeff,
    When moving an installation to another server, currently icon dir and url as well as Shadow url have to be checked – this could be the reason for your markers not showing up. Resetting defaults normally fixes this. Will change this with next release: no more saving of url and Paths that can be changed to database by default.

    I’ll double check the settings but just so you know if you click the icon for full screen map it shows the marker there. Also all icons show when I’m creating a new marker so it is pointing to the correct folder on this site.
    I’m creating another layer and some markers to see if it might be the layer..

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    Have you checked the steps from mapsmarker.com/readme-first?

    I reset again but I’m not sure it did it’s job.. Two of the layers were still there. I created a new layer with two new markers and yes they are assigned to the layer.
    I previewed the layer and in the layer selection box it shows 2 markers assigned to this layer.
    I click the edit layer and the map pops up and it show no markers. The markers show up down below but the png of the icon (blue push pin) doesn’t show up.
    If I click the open stand alone map for the layer it only shows the map, no markers
    If I click the open standalone for either of the markers it shows the map and that particular marker (works for both)

    I was hoping that by deleting the plugin and optimizing the database it would give me a new install and fix this because I know it will work once the site problem is fixed… I’m just not sure what more I can do here…

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    please follow the steps from mapsmarker.com/readme-first which give you a guideline what to check

    Well it seems to have sorted itself out. I think it was all on my end and in how I moved from one host to another… If you have any ideas on how to move safely from one host to another because I have another that I need to move.
    I basically took my latest back up and uploaded the backup to the new domain and then I exported the DB and then imported it on the other end… Is there anything I did wrong there?

    If not It was probably just my host servers…

    Now for my next question… But I’ll go do some research first… 🙂

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    with v3.5.2 the problems when moving a WordPress instance should be solved – no more manual edits needed for Leaflet Maps Marker. Just use your backups (files+db) and copy them to the new server.

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