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  • I have a domain,, that I have always used to make test websites. After the customer is happy I move the website to their domain. I have created a domain for a water utility, the domain is the initial move was relatively easy, except… 2 problems
    1} all the buttons work correctly except the home button. I have looked everywhere I know and cannot figure out how to change the hyperlink. It still points back to
    2} I know I can change the landing page t a static page, but I like the look and fell of the landing page. I am trying to figure out how to take the ‘leave a comment’ area on the landing page. Is there not some can I can delete somewhere?

    3} there is also one last thing that isn’t so much a problem but lust looking for advice. My user wants to be able to edit the landing page either directly, or by using some kind of a slash screen for emergencies (boil advisories etc.) Is there widget that does that?

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  • Let’s tackle these one at a time.

    1) your button should be editable at the menu for the page. You can find this at appearances/menus.

    2) you can disable comments for the page by going to the top of the page and disabling “discussion” under screen options.

    3) if your user is uncomfortable with the WordPress visual editor you could try a plugin like Visual Composer or Beaver Builder.

    Thanks Margowsky. The button problem is now solved!!

    The problem with the landing page is this, the page is not listed when I select view all pages. If I select to make the landing page a static page it takes away the awesomeness that is the landing page. It forces me to choose one of the pages I have made which is just data and a small header.

    The landing page does have options in the same manner as the rest of the pages on the site, those options are only controlled by the customize my site page., I will link a pic so that maybe I can explain my self more effectively.

    All of the options on the post tab have been unselected. .

    Ultimately I have taken the discussion area out of the of pages I have created. But I have stared at the source code and cannot figure out where it is pulling the source code from.
    3if navigating to the site where the text below the pictures states, “Nothing Found” – that is where the posts would be if there were any.

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