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    Dear reader,

    today I’ve moved my wordpress installation to a new place on server.
    I’ve followed the steps on the wp wiki, changed my URL in the wp admin area, and moved the files, the next step would be to change the permalinks and auto update the httacces file. But there it went wrong! The website is totally messed up becouse wp can’t find some files, and I can’t reach the wp admin area to reset the permalinks.
    Does anyone have a sollution for me?
    You can find the messed up site at

    Jonas smets

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  • Rename your existing .htaccess file using FTP or your web-host’s backend. If .htaccess is your problem that should help.

    No that doesn’t make a difference, i’ve tried to rename it, delete it, make a blank one… No difference. Have to find a way to get in to the admin.php.


    If you are sure it is the permalinks then login to your DB and delete the option_value from ‘permalink_structure’ in the wp_options table. I just broke my permalinks and deleting that value forced the system to revert to the ?p= default. By the way, breaking my permalinks did not deny me access to wp-admin, but that could just be the way I broke them.

    It looks like its your theme thats messed up. You might want to rename the theme you were using to force the default theme to be activated and see if it helps.

    You can rename via ftp.

    I’ve tried the rename the theme but it makes no difference, except I get a blank page now. If I wan’t to go to the admin area it redirects me to this url:

    I must have made a big mistake somewhere.
    @apljdi: I don’t know anything about databases, so thats a bit to dangerous for me. I used to be good in html, css and all of that stuf but it is to long ago to understand what went wrong here.. Anyone else got a solution for me?
    I’ve never backed up the database, so i don’t know of starting from a clean wp install will get me to where I wan’t to go?
    If I install wp on a other url, is there a way to import the old wp site and all of his content without the database backup I had to make in wp?

    Allright! It is nearly fixed!
    Friend of me has helped to fix things in phpmyadmin…
    Thank you all for helping.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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