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  • Hi

    I’m using a Swift 5.62 theme.

    Installed the site to a sub directory.. now moved to root ready for launch but the custom header now doesn’t disply nor any images.. (images I can manually change the url so they work) BUT in the Swift General Options file I get the following error “Unable to create swift_custom folder in wp-content/uploads, please create the folder and make it writable”
    I’m assuming that there is a file somewhere which is pointing to the sub directory but I don’t know which,
    Really need to get site launched so any help REALLY appreciated!

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  • You can change the images in the db if you download the .sql and do a find and a replace. Likely to be much much faster. Is the theme using timthumb? It’s possible that maybe your permissions changed when you moved files to root. Or maybe your root directory has different permissions than the subdirectories.

    errrr to be honest not really sure.

    Everything else is working fine all content and the changes I made to font/colours etc it’s simply any media

    Did you move the entire install to root?


    look in wp-content/uploads for the “swift_custom” folder. If it’s not there create one. If it is there check the permissions. Set it to 755 than try again.

    thanks for helping unfortunately that was already there and permissions set..

    I’m absolutely tearing my hair out as I figure it’s going to be something really stupid!

    Always seems to be that way, but once you get it this time the next will be a breeze. Best of luck!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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