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  • Our Wp installations were starting to slow down dramatically. We were told that running 8+ Wp installations on shared hosting was to blame.

    We have moved wp installs from shared host to shared host before, no big deal. Not so this time.

    We can’t get anything to work. one some sites, and error message son others. This is what we did.

    1)Made backups of sql databases.
    2)Downloaded all files from shared server
    3)Created new sql databases on new server
    4)Imported tables into new databases
    5)Edited wp-conifg with new server settings
    6)Tried to log in. ( We get a blank page)

    This what we tried afterwards

    1)Chmod permissions for wp-content and subfolders to 777
    2)Rename plugins to old
    3)Change plugin activate status in phpmyadmin
    4)Tried a new wp instillation with hope of just importing xml export file.

    We were able to get it installed, but we are having all kinds of permission issues. Cant change permalinks (cant write to .htacess), cant auto install plugins (cant write to wp-content) without using FTP access (which i never seen before today).

    What did we miss?

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  • Do you still have access to the old shared server where you have your original installs of WordPress? If so, I would suggest starting from scratch, fresh.
    Not sure exactly what you missed, but starting fresh might work. First thing you do when you move everything is to make sure that your settings in wp-config.php are correct. I would also change the security key in that file, in case it causes any conflicts.

    If you want to significantly simplify your process, I would also suggest using the plugin BackupBuddy by Pluginbuddy which allows you to backup all of your files and database and then with a few clicks and new settings, re-import everything on your new server.

    Best of luck!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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