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  • sotongirl


    Hi everyone,

    I’m sorry if this is written somewhere else but I just couldn’t find it.

    I moved my organisation’s blog (and related pages) from to (Dreamhost is my host) a few month ago but chose not to move my attached files (i.e. my media library).

    I still have my site and it seems now that I do need the media library after all. How can I move it without losing/overwriting my .org site (which has both old and new content from post-move dates)? I don’t have access to all the original photos any more and would like to avoid individually downloading 250+ files if at all possible.

    Many thanks for any help you can offer.

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  • Blake


    The best option would be to access your server via “FTP”, go into your Dreamhost cPanel, and under “FTP” write down the username and password or create a new one. Next download filezilla (free) and install and run it. Type your website into the host field, and then your username and password. Your media library should be located here:

    public_html -> wp-content -> uploads

    You can then grab them all from there. A second option is to go into your Dreamhost cPanel, to go “file manager” and navigate to the same place, but instead of double clicking on “uploads” to look inside, click on it once and choose “download” or “compress” along the top bar of your window. If it won’t let you download the open folder then once you “compress” that folder you will see a file called “” or “uploads.rar” – you can choose that file and download it. If you have to compress it be patient, it could take a half hour or more if your files are huge.

    After you have them you can put them back the same way you got them in the new directory … the only difference being instead of “compressing” you will “extract” or “unzip” that folder.

    Hope this helps!

    Finally got around to working on this one… Blake, thanks for your help but I don’t know how to get my media library off from (I now know how to upload it once I have it).

    Is there any way I can download the whole thing in one go rather than download each of 272 images separately? The export function on doesn’t seem to export the media library.

    @jent – you should start your own thread rather than posting in someone else’s –

    See also:

    Moving a Blog

    Apologies – this is my original post (I didn’t realise until now that I logged in on my personal account rather than the one I’m using for this site). For now jent = sotongirl = me!

    LOL – sorry! I actually kind of wondered about that since it sounded pretty logical. See if that link above helps you with the export/import.

    Tried the instructions that is in the general support page – no luck. I exported what remains from my old .com site, imported the xml file to my existing (new) site. That seemed to be ok; then I ticked the box for importing files, and after a long wait, it failed with the browser taking me to a ‘Page not found’ page.

    Can someone help with some alternative method to move the contents of my media library please?



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    @sotongirl: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.


    This is my topic (see the very first post from me) and I still haven’t had it resolved. But since you want me to post it again, I will do (and clutter up this place even more).

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