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  • If you take a look at
    you might see pictures… or not. They irregularily show up, sometimes they don’t. I used Hello to include pictures in my blogspot hosted weblog, moving the blog to my own domain and switching to WP turned out to be problematic.

    In any case, if I want to see the picture in more or less original size, clicking on it gives me

    While trying to retrieve the URL:

    The following error was encountered:

    * Access Denied.

    Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.

    Your cache administrator is root.


    While trying to retrieve the URL: (with IE, FF is above)

    The part “access control” smells suspiciously like something’s blocking the pictures being shown “outside” Blogger and Hello.

    I’m installing Gallery2 right now, if there’s a way to import Hello pics to Gallery I’d be thankful for the info… 🙂

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  • This is the same exact problem I’m having andI’d like to revive this incase anyone has a solution.

    I have succesfully imported my Blogger posts to WP, however, almost every single one of them (hundreds) has an image in it uploaded using Hello. These images won’t display now because linking remotely to them isn’t allowed.

    Is there any way to remedy this other than manually sorting through my old blog, right clicking and saving so that I can upload the files to my server and reassociate them? Ugh!

    At the very least, does anyone know of a utility that can scan a site and download every referenced image? It would save me a lot of clicking.

    Thanks guys – PJ

    There are utilities that can scan a site and batch download pages and/or images, but I don’t suggest using them. Such programs can suck a site’s bandwith, and feels rude to me. This is a problem with Hello blocking the use of images, so all you can really do is manually fix the images (unless you find one of those programs).

    Or do what I do, stop worrying about old old entries working correctly ’cause they’ve gone and past.

    Thank you for your reply! (And there’s another plea for Help! at the bottom if you want to scroll down.) My initial problem is that I was using my Blogger blog as a photolog, rather than Gallery or something built specifically for sharing images, and each post contains a single image. That’s what my blog is, a record of my activities through photos, and keeping it thorough and intact is important to me. Therefore, I can’t really throw it all away or all my work over the past few years (probably around 1000 images) has been for naught.

    Also, I do understand what you are saying about sucking a site’s bandwidth and would normally agree with you but one, it’s BlogSpot (I think they can afford it) and two, the impact shouldn’t be more than one person looking through the entirety of my old blog.

    With that said, I have gotten near some solutions for anyone interested. I downloaded a Firefox extension called ‘DownloadThemAll’ and while I can’t do a batch download of the entire site, I can go to each section and download only the images with the use of the extension’s filters. I then plan on uploading them to an archive folder on my server where my new blog can access them.

    I figure the next best step is to some how do a mass edit of my SQL table in which it replaces the old paths for these images with their new location, leaving the filename intact. I’m not extremely familiar with SQL (using MySQL), but am confident in my ability to follow directions and learn a little so if anyone knows how I could go about doing this I would really appreciate it before I go digging around for the answer.

    As best as I can tell, all the images I uploaded to Blogger with Hello are located in:
    (The 640 and 400 referring to a full image and a thumbnail directory.)

    Does anyone know how I can replace these two strings in the WP posts section of my SQL table with:
    Or whatever I make the new location while leaving the same filename (it hasn’t changed) at the end?

    Sorry this got really long. Just wanted to fully illustrate it if someone wanted to help me out. Thanks for your reply Kri and thank you in advance to everyone else out there! – PJ

    Images from blogger is the step left out for me to move my blog to wordpress :). Iam interested to know the solution if anyone has any..



    I figured out how to import images from Blogger manually using wget:

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