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  • Hi I have a client that lost their site and I have been able to find what I believe to be the site folder (Fit2Work) on an external drive. It was built using WebMatrix and the folder I found has wp-config and all of those and in the wp-content I placed another folder I found (FitWP) which I believe to be her theme. I copied the main folder containing everything to my local ‘My Web Sites’ folder in ‘My Documents. I can’t run the site even though I’ve tried 3 different ways.

    1- If i try to launch the theme folder (FitWP) as a site in WebMatrix I get an error:
    Call to undefined function get_header() in C:\Users\myusername\Documents\My Web Sites\Fit2Work\wp-content\themes\FitWP\index.php on line 1

    2- If i try to launch the site folder (Fit2Work) as a site in WebMatrix I get an error:
    Error establishing a database connection

    3-If i create a new dummy site and copy the “theme folder” into that sites’ wp-content folder i get an empty site as if I’m starting from scratch. No content, and no updated stylesheet unfortunately, since we made a lot of changes to the original styles.

    I really need to fix this and get their site back up and running and I’m completely lost at this point. I don’t even know where to find the database that WebMatrix created when the site was made. If I click on
    Databases at the bottom left of WebMatrix i see a folder named Fit2Work but no DB inside of it, and then something that says Other Connections below the folder. I’m hoping that if i can find and link to the original database and that her content will pop up but I can’t find that DB. As far as the theme not having our styles I’m not sure what to do but I need to retrieve the content and also the look.

    1- How and/or where can I find the MySQL database that WebMatrix created that was linked with this site?

    2- How can I re-link that database to the folder that I moved?

    3- How can I move the folder that WebMatrix made for the site without losing the database connection next time, or is it not possible?

    4- Any advice on how to get things back up and running or any help on what to do differently next time. I didn’t develop the site I just helped and the Host (GoDaddy deleted the site backup because it was past 30 days after shut down and they delete everything after 30 days I was told)

    Thanks for any help and if you need me to explain anything further please let me know, I really need the help to get this figured out.

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  • By the way, her site was with GoDaddy, the address is and I don’t have a backup of the database or anything and GoDaddy erased all of that because they erase everything after 30 days I was told. Maybe someone from GoDaddy can pull some strings and help me out this is really important and i’m in a bad place without these files. thanks in advance



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    Unless you have a copy of the database, then the old site is lost. Sorry 🙁

    Yeah that seems to be the general consensus and i get it, me or the designer before me should’ve had a backup of course. the only thing i keep thinking is that the database has to be somewhere on these PC’s where the site was developed no? but since we used WebMatrix to build it locally before publishing I can’t seem to find an actual .sql database file or maybe im looking for the wrong thing or in the wrong place? On google i can’t seem to find where WebMatrix puts it’s created database files. I didn’t publish this site i only did some CSS work for it so i’m not familiar with WebMatrix and publishing sites and databases, any help would be great at this point. Thanks for responding and letting me know that this at least was looked at esmi.

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