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  • I just moved my best friends blog to the new server to I backed up the database, downloaded the files, modified the files, changed all the URLS in the database – uploaded all the files to the new server, restored the database… and all works well.

    New posts publish, everything is there. Except the comments. When you click to write a new comment there is just empty space.

    Comments are turned on, and they are visible in wp-comments table in phpadmin.

    Any ideas what the problem could be? I have tried deleting the database and restoring it again just in case it was corrupted…

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  • Just my first thought. may in fact be

    I’m not real up on server issues, but that’s how our server works. On our server, this directory structure can be verified in either FTP or a file manager. I’d try some different permutations of that string in either settings or in your database.

    Good Luck!

    thanks for your comment… however, the problem isn’t with viewing the site or operating WP… it’s actually with the comments only.

    I just realised that the old installation on the server has the same comment problem – it seems it happened before the move. I never noticed it before today though… Could someone maybe have a look at this? It seems as if the comments have been turned off, when in effect they haven’t been… I have no idea what could be causing this.

    What files do you have in your Active theme directory? You got a comments.php file in there? Or the equivalent one for the popup comments?

    You might try switching the Active template to the default template and see if it works properly.

    I switched the styles and viola! it worked.

    But now, my dilema is to make it work with the theme that has been used all this time – how can I restore the comments?

    Each theme is somewhat different, the possible permutations of theme design seem endless. Learning how to manipulate the themes, for me, is an ongoing process.

    This is one sub-index of the codex you might peruse:

    Here’s a specific article you may find useful:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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