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  • I changed two things: I moved my wordpress files from a subdirectory to the root of my site, like this


    and I started using permalinks instead of the ?p= or ?m=.

    What should my 301 redirect look like and where should I place it? In the first .htaccess (in the root, next to the wordpress files) or in a second .htaccess within the /weblog directory?

    And what about the cache folder?

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  • Oh and another thing, in case the redirect doesn’t work for permalinks:

    I just noticed that when I use:

    redirect 301 /weblog

    the redirect functions properly and all requests for /weblog including the ?p=301 are diverted, BUT all my images included in all the posts are in /weblog/archives… and none of the images is shown.

    Can I correct this or should I go back to putting WordPress back were it was in the beginning? (within /weblog)

    Hmm, no one? Or perhaps my description is not accurate enough?

    In short:
    1. Can I use a 301 redirect on a folder but EXCLUDE some subfolders from that redirect (because of all the images inside those folders)?
    2. When using a redirect and simultaneously switching to permalinks instead of ?p=, will all my previous links be broken? (and therefore loosing my google pagerank?).

    Silly question. did you move your images over?

    All the images in my posts have have absolute links:

    WordPress was also located inside /weblog.

    But now I moved the WordPress files to a seperate folder in the root, /wordpress, and only kept the index.php inside the root.
    So then I made a redirect from /weblog to the root. All the URL’s of the images are still the same and they are printed correctly inside the sourcecode. But I guess that when the page calls for an image inside /weblog/images this call is also redirected to the root.

    Does that mean I should replace all the URL’s inside my database?

    I’m asking all this because I read somewhere that it’s best to have the first page of a website contain a lot of text instead of a first index.html with only <body onload=… > to the /weblog/index.php.

    Are your wordpress files in root or in root/wordpress now?


    So I wanted it like this:

    index.php (the wordpress-file)
    /weblog (for all the images and static files)
    /wordpress (for all the rest of the wordpress files)

    Is it possible you could just move all remaining /weblog folders into /wordpress and rename /wordpress to /weblog.? (then fix the rewrite and the blog settings?)

    In that case I wouldn’t need to move all the wordpress files into their own folder ;), I could just leave all the wordpress files and all the images and archives within /weblog. That was the old situation! :). But I would like to move just the wordpress ‘index.php’ file to the root of my site so it’s accessible by domainname and I wouldn’t need to make a redirect to /weblog anymore. But in this case I need to redirect all the old links I have in google from /weblog to But there’s the problem. Also the content of the subfolders within / weblog are redirected, resulting in empty space in my blo :(.
    When I make the redirect, accessing an old link (/weblog/?p=322) results in an empty page…

    I’m afraid I’m making a mess of this thread :). I’m sorry.
    Do you know what I’m trying to do now?

    Thanks for your efforts to understand…

    last try:

    index is in root
    /wordpress has the blog files
    /weblog has the images and a redirect to index in root.

    put the images in a root/images folder(corresponding to the original path and where the redirect goes)

    I’ll try that later on during the day (have to get out for a moment 😉 )


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