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  • bhold29


    HI all,

    a few months ago i moved my blog from the root directory of the domain to ‘/blog/’.

    i was doing ok on google rankings but now it has vanished… you simply cant find a post on it no matter how low key the search is.

    I know i have done something stupid somewhere but after hours of reading I simply cannot find the answer.

    the main site (WP)
    the blog (WP) is

    if somebody could give me any guidance i would be forever greatful.

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  • ChristiNi


    Hi bhold29,

    I would recommend doing a site: search on Google to see what pages are indexed for your site. Keep in mind too, that duplicate content can hurt your rankings, so make sure that you haven’t duplicated content between your main site and your blog. If you have, either change the content on the main site or blog, or link to the other content instead.

    You may want to review the Google Webmaster Tools Guidelines on duplicate content for more information: Duplicate Content

    This should help get you pointed in the right direction.



    Cheers… all the pages show in a site: search and the content is very different from the main site.

    So confusing.



    Hello bhold29, when was your site spidered by google? You might be looking at the old cache content and not the new content form what you are saying above? I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards



    its been looked at 1000’s of times since i moved it.

    Defo not been hacked or anything. Hmmmm



    You should understand some thing here. is not the same as

    so if the Google indexed and people click on it and get a 404 (page not found) its bad for Google and you. Thus the URL is not found and Google will remove all the broken links. In your case would be all the pages.

    What you should have done is a 301 redirect to new site within your .htaccess site till all the new indexing taken place.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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