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  1. fakelvis
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    I've recently moved my blog to http://sub.domain.com from http://domain.com. Both locations are running independent WordPress blogs (i.e. this is not a multisite/network setup).

    The permalink structure on my old blog (now on the subdomain) was /yyyy/mm/dd/name and the permalink structure on the new blog
    (on main domain) is /name.

    I'm now wondering what the best way to maintain incoming links is?

    Should I have a 404 on http://domain.com that looks for the same file on http://sub.domain.com? (i.e. http://domain.com/permalink 404s, so check to see if http://sub.domain.com/permalink exists, and if so, redirect.)

    Should I have a mod_rewrite rule that forwards all http://domain.com/yyyy/mm/dd requests to the corresponding location on the subdomain?

    What are the pros and cons of doing these? Is there a much, much easier way of doing this?

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