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    Everything is working fine except my main blog page results in a 404. The blog posts and main blog page are to be at

    Prior to move:
    – static site at
    – WordPress blog at

    Move steps:
    – created new WordPress blog at
    – export from
    – import result to (used WordPress Importer plugin)
    – create all static pages from in as pages
    – move files from to
    – renamed /news/ subdirectory to /newsOLD/
    – set permalink structure to /news/%postname% ( I want the blog part to continue to be at /news/ )

    After move:
    – all pages and posts work and display correctly
    – posts are correctly at
    – post categories are correctly at
    – etc.
    – however, going to (where main blog page should be) results in 404 page

    – I have the proper WordPress index.php in the root.
    – I have redirects in my htaccess to point the old static pages to the new WordPress pages but even with just the default WordPress htaccess the 404 occurs.
    – Site URL and WordPress URL in General Settings is
    – I checked the options table in the database and initially site_url was still set to but changing this had no effect
    – I’m not using any caching or redirect plugins

    Am I misunderstanding something here? Am I forgetting something? This should work, no?

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

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    Thanks @tara

    I’ve been through that page already and believe I’ve done everything it suggests.

    Was there a particular item in the page you wanted to draw my attention to?

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    Was there a particular item in the page you wanted to draw my attention to?

    All instructions of that entire codex guide are important for properly moving a site.

    I’ve been through that page already and believe I’ve done everything it suggests


    – You may want to check the error logs on your server for a more specific error message. If you need help locating them, ask your hosting provider to help you with that.

    The only error I get in my error log is:
    [Sat Mar 22 07:11:59 2014] [error] [client xx.xx.xx.xx] File does not exist: /home/myuser/

    Just a wild guess… try disabling Permalink and select the first option on Permalink Settings page (access posts, pages by id). Flush the cache and visit your website again; see if you’re still facing the error. If no error, go to Permalink and select the format of your choice.

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    Does that file exixt? If yes, does it exist at the right location?

    @tara, looking at the link jedweb has posted, it looks like link to Page.

    @wpdeveloper , you’re correct!

    When I change to default permalinks works!

    However, changing back to my custom permalinks results in the 404 again.

    Interesting. So, any thought on what to do next? I don’t have a cache plugin so I’m just flushing browser cache, right?

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    If default setting works, then try reading Using_Permalinks before setting a custom permalink structure again.

    Thanks @tara

    That page has been open in my browser for the past two days.

    I’ll read it again; maybe I’m missing something.

    @wpdeveloper , any thoughts?

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    – Also, if default setting works but not the pretty permalinks, make sure mod_rewrite is enabled on your server,

    Yes, mod_rewrite is enabled.

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    if the issue still persists, it could be attributed to anything from a web server configuration to a bad WordPress install.

    If mod_rewrite wasn’t enabled, the posts at /news/post_name wouldn’t work either but all posts work.

    It’s just the main blog page that doesn’t work.

    My statement about mod-rewrite is correct, right?

    Those other pages wouldn’t work if it was off.

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