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  • I have cleared browsers and caches repeatedly, both IE and FF.

    By this I assume you’ve deleted all the cookies from that domain as well. Would it be possible to try logging in with a browser (like Safari) that you haven’t logged in with before?


    My interior pages are now populating. Perhaps a coincidence or not:

    After reading another post, I copied back the htaccess file from the original set of files. Elsewhere I had read to delete it for a possible login solution. It is not the htaccess from a new install and has the supercache mod rewrite stuff from the old location.

    I had also renamed a permalink plugin to disable it earlier and had just renamed it properly. Then the interior pages all appeared.


    *What’s new is that the cookie error disappeared, and now I just get a plain ‘invalid username’ screen. This is what kept happening on the previous reinstall which I since did over yet again (3rd time) trying to cure this in case of ‘corrupted files’.

    *WHERE is WP pulling that login name from so I can check it and fix it or match it to what I type in to log in, please?* I went through this round robin on my 2nd reinstall with repeatedly requesting new passwords, but they never worked. I don’t want to make it worse by requesting multiple new passwords this time that fail – so I will wait for the solution from a forum expert.

    I have access to all files on the server through dreamweaver and access to my database through MyAdminPHP.

    Thank you.

    I’ve just noticed something and wonder if this is a clue. I just did a test wp 2.8.4 reinstall on another domain in its own subdirectory using godaddy’s hosting panel (they install all the files for you). I notice there is no htaccess file anywhere in the bunch.


    The issue has shifted ‘again’. I found how to reset the password in phpMyAdmin. What had happened was it was mixing up the pw & login from the restore. Here’s how to change it:

    Reset a WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin


    NOW I am back to what happened during one of the previous installs: Logging in goes to a BLANK PAGE.

    I could almost smell resolution in the air while I was changing the database table … now I’m back stuck as ever.

    Help Please!

    I’d suggest disabling all the installed plugins and seeing if that allows you to login. If it does then reinstall/activate each plugin one at a time to see if one is causing the problem.


    Isn’t it the same thing to rename the plugin directory? I actually did that and it didn’t make a difference.

    I did go into the database again and confirmed that the password and login are correct, although it had to be changed because somehow the restore and new database logins and passwords (which were different, who knew it might cause trouble) were jumbled.

    WHAT can that blank page be about!!

    Yes, renaming the plugin directory will work…

    I don’t know how WP includes/processes the plugins directory so you might want to make sure that you have an empty plugins directory in /wp-content (or wherever your plugins location is defined in wp-config.php).

    WHAT can that blank page be about!!

    Can you take a look at your server logs (or request them from your web host) to see what’s happening when you try to access /wp-admin?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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