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  • I’ve been using WP for over two years, I have multiple personal blogs using WP. My company chose MoveableType (MT) as their blogging platform and I was hired to maintain/develop it, I’ve been working with MT for about a year now and administer seven blogs.

    I believe I am quite an expert user on both platforms and WordPress is BY FAR the more superior platform. MT is dying – there are very few new plug-ins being released, their support platforms are barren, there’s been little or no development on their core platform.

    I’m seriously considering redesigning all my templates and migrating to WP, however I have a few concerns…

    1. MT creates static pages, WP does things dynamically. From a user point of view, dyanmic is great. But for server costs, static pages put much less strain on the server. I’ve tried some caching plug-ins for WP, but they’ve caused some problems. Does anyone have any data on MT’s strain on a server versus WP’s strain on a server. Are there any ways/plans for WP to create static pages and “rebuild” pages like MT.

    2. How does WP handle multiple blogs under one instance (blog farms)? Like, I want to manage multiple blogs with many authors from one control panel. I believe this was an issue with WP a couple years ago but this has been resolved in 2.0?

    3. I work in telecommunications, blogging via the mobile phone is very important to my company. Does anyone know about any apps for S60 smartphones that work with WP?

    4. Does WP offer any professional paid support? Like if I have a problem I can call up WP pro’s and get support ASAP for a fee?

    5. What kind of support does WP have for podcasts? Does it have functionality that will enclose mp3’s and other files into the posts?

    Many thanks for all the advice you can give!!

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Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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