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  1. junkville
    Posted 12 years ago #

    after moveable type ceased working on my site (i'll never know why!) i'm looking at moving over to wordpress. I used an MT plugin on my site (http://www.aidan-wilson.com/) that allowed me to link to images i'd uploaded to Gallery (http://gallery.menalto.com/), so i'm wondering is there anything similar in WP?
    Its pretty much the only reason i have a blog so something that offers this kind of functionality is essential
    Any thoughts appreciated

  2. lane
    Posted 12 years ago #

  3. chuckg
    Posted 12 years ago #

    The current workup of WP-Gallery doesn't support 1.2 "officially" yet. I need to code in some new stuff to work with the new plugin architecture. In any case, if you're adventurous (or know PHP) it's easy enough to figure out. Email me if you have any questions.

  4. junkville
    Posted 12 years ago #

    "if you're adventurous (or know PHP)...."
    well i'd say that neither of those apply to me in particular, but what the hell!
    once i get wp installed and templated i'll give it a go and see how fast i can break things.
    thanks for the help

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