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  • I’ve developed a metabox class to speed up my dev work and in doing so have created a metabox field type for invoking the wp_link_dialogue box to give users a nicer experience when it comes to inserting links etc. I use this field type outside of the standard Wp_Editor. For instance its quite handy for providing users the ability to link a slide in a slideshow to an internal page etc without having to get them to manually enter the link.

    Whilst I have got this working, its hackish and fights against assumptions made within WP about where links should be applied. The wp_link_dialogue is designed to be closely linked with the Editor, which is fine for use in that context but somewhat limiting. If for instance you want to use the link dialogue on a page with no editor, some voodoo is required.

    What I’d like to do is break wp_link_dialogue’s dependencies on the editor, so it can be invoked and used say with just a text field in a metabox.

    The dependencies are primarily within wp_link.js and editor-buttons.css along with a change probably required in class-wp-editor.php to handle duplicate instances of the link dialogue getting output into and admin pages footer. Or just migrate out the wp_dialogue methods from class-wp-editor.php into a new class, say class-wp-link-dialogue.php

    Anyway, something that people would want to see happen?

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