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  • Currently I have Worpress installed on a student web server at school. After the holidays are over I plan on moving it off that server and wanted to know how I woul dgo about placing a redirect for all the old posts to the new site.
    Basically I would want it to display a page saying that the site has moved and then redirect the user to the same post on the new server. I will be doing a mysqldump so all of the archives should match up, it would just be changing the tempate (for a lack of a better word) of the content to show the “this site has moved text” with the redirect to the same post.

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  • Is there a way to combine the delay with a 301 “moved permanently” code? I documented how I moved my blog here.

    I don’t know of one.
    Typically you want a 301 status code to be followed with a Location header, which doesn’t provide a wait component and obviously defeats the refresh through http-equiv.
    Off hand, the only way out of it I can think of is to perform a rather robust browser check, and through that decide which one to pass off – 301 to search crawlers or a delayed refresh to a live person.

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