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    Hi all, I’m new…
    How can I move my WordPress blog with all contents, with the theme and with the database contents to a new server? I have now a free hoster with disruptive popups, but subscribed at a hoster without popups or the like.
    Do I have to export the database in phpmyadmin and import it on my new server, then copy all files to the new server and that’s it? Or doesn’t my blog run any longer in this manner?
    Thanks for answers, hints & solutions.

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  • I know you don’t care, but seriously you people piss me off.

    look at the FIRST result.

    that’s gotta be easier than typing out this post.

    Thanks for the link, gracious master.
    I thought not to search with Google, I searched on the WordPress site and didn’t find the right…maybe didn’t formulate correctly, because my native tongue isn’t English 🙂

    that’s my favourite excuse.

    I only used the words in YOUR thread title.

    Man it’s no excuse, I think I do not have to find an excuse if i ask something in a forum named How-To and Troubleshooting. I searched on the WordPress site and forum before writing my post and didn’t find the site you linked to. Believe it or not.

    Here’s a tip for you. If you KNOW that the information you want is WordPress related, and it’s about a category plugin, then in your Google search box type:

    category plugin and Google will return results ONLY for It’s just another way to narrow your search results and I find it very handy. In all honesty, the search results on this site can be dodgy. But Google … never fails. 🙂

    And because this site’s search results can be hit or miss, it’s best to just go to Google to begin with. Most people do anyway. I found out our law firm’s off site help desk does that so I don’t bother to even call them anymore. (Uh, not like I need help, because I already know everything, right?) 😉

    🙂 Thanks for your tip, I didn’t know this. So for my next problem I will test it 😉



    I googled and googled, but still did not find an easy answer to my problem. After I migrated my website over to the new server, my links to the posts, categories and archives didn’t work! The home page looked just fine and I could connect to the database, but none of the links were working! It would just take me to a blank page… So here’s exactly how I migrated my wordpress blog over to another server w/o doing it exactly the way you’re supposed to…

    Here are the steps I took:

    1. Copy the home directory over to the new server.
    2. Create a new database and add a user to that database.
    3. Add the new database settings to the wp-config.php file.
    4. Export your database from the old server using phpMyAdmin to your local hard drive.
    5. Open/Edit the database file using WordPad! Update the url paths throughout the entire file to match the new directory paths of the new server in case they have changed. In WordPad, Go to Edit, Replace. This will open up a search and replace window. In my case I had to update the file path from home/gillette/public_html/gillettewyomingblog to home/gwblog/public_html. Once you update all the file paths, just save the file.
    6. Now import the file to the new server using phpMyAdmin.
    7. This is where I got hung up. I got everything working ok up to this point. When I went to my website, the main page loaded just fine and I could see all my recent posts. But when I would click on ANY post, category or link to another section in my blog I would get a blank page!!! So I finally figured out that you have to go to your WordPress Admin, Options, Permalinks, then make sure your Common Options are still set to the way you had them before on the other server and just hit Update Permalink Structure and WaLa! Everything is now working properly on my blog and all the links work. Hallelujah!

    I hope this helps someone. It took me several hours to get “my method” to work. There was no need to download the posts to any xml files or anything like that.

    Here’s my blog: Gillette Wyoming Blog



    I just did all this…..

    I did a fresh new install onto my new host…and none of my themes show up, my images are lost…..I dont know how to fix it…




    Did you do a fresh install using Fantastico?



    yes i did…..I have tryed everything.

    The host says my images are corrupt. But when I view them on my harddrive they are just fine. Once they are uploaded onto the server, they dont work. I dont understand.

    Try uploading the images in binary format and not ascii

    Ivovic: you are absolutely right however, your answer makes you wrong on so many levels. I wonder if someone treated you this way when you were starting out.

    You are all that is wrong with open source documentation.

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