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  • beku76


    hi there,
    I’ve been running WordPress for about 3 years,
    and now my images are scattered around my server,
    because I changed the “uploads” folder several times…
    now I have images in:
    and many others….
    and I also directlinked images from other folders and domains I have…

    and now I want to upgrade WP,
    and I want to have a nice, clean and organized install:
    all stuff under wp-content/uploads

    how to do it?

    I want to import all uploaded and linked images to a new folder.

    thanks for your help.

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  • Ryan S


    Manual Migration:
    before you upgrade the wordpress, collect all your images in one folder called uploads .. Sort them like this:


    for example, the image uploaded in Oct, 2007 will be stored in uploads/2007/10

    Now, you can overwrite this folder to wp-contents/uploads..

    Now, you have to manage your links.. make proper changes to your image links in the database.. (I am not aware of this part)

    If there is any easy way, please correct me..



    I forgot to mention that I have several hundreds of posts…
    so, I’m just looking for an automated soltution.

    I have hundreds of posts with lots of images spread on dozens of folders.

    any other idea?



    any idea?



    how to do it automatically?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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