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  • I’m moving WordPress into it’s own directory and would like to maintain by old permalinks off the root (ie. instead of

    However, it seems the only way to separate the root index from the WordPress index is to set the WordPress Blog Address to, which changes all the permalinks. Is there a better way to do this?

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  • mbotos,
    I just struggled with this and eureka I think I have it.

    My problem was I had the blog directory specified in the DB as …/wp and I was now specifying the blog directory WP_HOME in the wp-config file as up at root level. This meant that the admin option (ie the DB ne) was greyed out – could not update.

    The menu/permalinks were clearly using the DB url, not the one from wp-config.

    1) put permalinks back to something other than what you want, save, check in browser
    2) comment out the wp_home if you have it in the config file
    3) goto admin and change the blog url to your root directory, save
    check in browser
    4) go back and change the permalinks to what you want, save
    check in browser

    I suppose you could also fix in phpmyadmin.
    it finally worked for me!

    PS – I has also done this, but that alone was not enough

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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