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  • Hi there,

    I’m interested in moving 2 blogs from regular WP to MU. Is this possible? My reason for doing so is this will make it easier to update one install as opposed to 2.

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  • wish someone would have replied to this. Im interested in moving 4 wp blogs to MU but don’t really know much about it such as if regular wp plugins are compatible. If you can use one install for multiple domains. Also noticed that MU is still at 2.6.5 and not 2.7 yet. Will it be updated to 2.7? How long does it usually tag behind regular WP?

    If you only have a few blogs, then moving to mu is not worth it…in my opinion. I would much rather manage 20-30 individual blogs than one Mu install. Mu does lag behind WP in version upgrades and you will find fewer plugins that are mu compatible. From my experience, themes seem to pretty much work on both equally. Mu support (in the support forums) is pretty much non-existent compared to these forums, so if that is important, there is no comparison in responsiveness in the support forums…just go there and browse around a bit to see what I mean.

    Don’t get me wrong…mu is an excellent piece of software. I’ve been using it for over 18 months on one site with over 400 users, but there is a big difference between managing a Mu site and a regular WP site.

    My advice…stick with WP unless you are planning to host hundreds of blogs and want to allow users to create their own blogs on your site. Then, if you do move to Mu, don’t expect the kind of responsiveness in the mu forums that you get here.

    Just my opinions based on my own experiences…take it for what’s it’s worth.

    Tim Nicholson


    Figaro, I’ve been researching WordPress MU simply to be able to house a few different blogs. Currently I only planning on posting to these blogs myself. I read on these forums that MU doesn’t have a single user database. I don’t want people to have to register multiple times.

    My main question in running a few different standard WordPress blogs is what does that do for server memory requirements? Right now I have a couple of PHP Nuke sites and a new WordPress site with virtually no page views yet. I’m on a small dedicated server with 512MB RAM. Prior to installing WordPress, I never really used more than about half that. Now that I have WordPress, again with virtually NO traffic yet, my memory is always pegged. I’m concerned that installing more copies of the single-site WordPress will kill my server.

    Do you have any insight on this? I prefer not to use WP-Cache as I have a lot of variable content and hear it may cause problems with tracking site traffic.

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