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    Plugin works great, it looks amazing, but kind of breaks the WordPress consistency. It introduces third new way (1. admin, 2. customizer, 3. front-end) of editing content and I don’t like the confusion. It should move to Customizer.

    This is a no-brainer and there is no real argument against the move. It will probably move the development back a week or more, but better now than in future, when it hits the core. Editor will probably not look as slick as it does now in admin bar, but this could be added to customizer somehow.

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    New way? It blends in the admin bar? I think it’s a lot more intuitive this way.
    This is definitely not happening.

    I rest my case.

    Plugin Author Ella Van Dorpe


    Sorry, I didn’t see you reply until now. Please, don’t give up your arguments just because I think it’s a bad idea. But saying from the beginning that there are no real arguments against your view is quite conservative. I’d be more than happy to chat about things like this.

    Why not add the functionality of front-end editing within the Customizer view?

    I agree with Janneke in thinking that a front-end editor should be on the true front-end on the admin bar.

    But for admins and other new users finding and using Customizer, using WP Front-end Editor within the Customizer just makes sense.

    Here’s a vote for both!

    I agree. Why not give folks a choice and see which is more natural to them and which they prefer. You might be surprised. In fact you might discover a whole new way of doing things in WordPress.

    Terence is right…

    i mean there’s that check-box in the Profile edit page – to show or not to show the admin bar on the front-end…

    “[ ] Show Toolbar when viewing site”

    there could be a similar option for Front-end Editor

    — the funny thing is just earlier today i was playing with notepad++’s options – i opted to show open file list on side instead of tabs at top — HATED IT — so forever now (and a day) it will be tabs at top of my notepad++

    anyhoooo — this plugin TOTALLY ROCKS
    — i plan yo give all stars come tomorrow

    — just one thing – OT – so i’ll post new after more forum searching…


    The Front-end edit will suite many of our customers perfectly. Currently we remove many admin menu items and admin features for them (+ other customisations) en streamline the TinyMCE edit functions and set a editor style sheet. This makes it tremendously easier for them to manage their content and cuts greatly back on support. But this is not ideal; while the future with the Front-end editor is! … at least for that particular group of end users.

    I agree with others that there should be a new option in the back-end that gives the choice of enabling the front-end editor or not on a user or user role base. And preferably also a setting per user or user role that sets whether they can log in to the back-end or only to the front-end editor.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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