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    Love the theme. It’s going to work perfect. Great job! but I have 3 problems I can’t solve.

    (1) How do I move the tagline to the right so it’s not directly under the Site Title? I’ve tried different solutions listed on the forum but none of them work.

    (2) How do I move the primary menu to the left?

    (3) How to I remove the Page Titles? I can’t locate the <h1> that usually removes it.

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Solved #3 I found it.

    Still need help with the first two. Thanks.

    Solved #2. I found it.

    Now I just need help with #1. Thanks.



    Hey, glad you like the theme! 🙂
    1. Try pasting this into your custom css box in theme options > advanced settings:

    .kad_tagline {
    padding-left: 15%;

    2. Try pasting this code in the same place:

    .col-md-12>#nav-main ul.sf-menu {
    padding-right: 25%;

    Hope this helps!

    Hey thanks for responding so fast. You’re a GEM! They worked!
    I had finally figured out 2, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure 1 out.

    If you could help me with one more…How do I get the comments to show at the bottom of my about page. And…. how do I remove the Leave reply text? I believe it’s the only page I need it on, sort of like a “guestbook”.

    I had it once with another theme, but it doesn’t seem to want to show with this theme. I can’t thank you enough!!!!!:D

    Is it possible to add a 5th column to the footer? I found the one place to add it in the footer.php, but is there any other places I need to adjust besides this one? Thank again

    Theme Author Kadence Themes


    If you add a 5th column then you would need to add a widget area for that column or code in whatever you want in that column. I strongly suggesting using a child theme.

    To add comments on a page you have to add

    <?php comments_template('/templates/comments.php'); ?>

    to the page template.

    Kadence Themes

    Thanks you so much but in the virtue/templates I have 3 files: comment.php, comments.php and page-header.php. Which file do I add
    <?php comments_template('/templates/comments.php'); ?> to and where do I place it. Also, will this code leave off the ‘Leave a reply’ text at the top?

    I have now come up with a new problem (hopefully I can stop bugging you guys for awhile…lol)
    How do I make the footer widget custom menu titles smaller. I tried h3, footer# container, col-md-3 and some other suggestions, all of them, and no go.

    I think I’ll wait on the 5th column. Maybe I won’t need it. Thanks again.

    Theme Author Kadence Themes


    You add the code to the page.php file. It’s not in the templates folder.
    add right before this: </div><!– /.main –>

    the leave a reply can be remove with css:

    #respond > h3 {

    Kadence Themes

    I place the code for the comments where you said and although it’s working on my pages now, it’s still not showing on the page I need it. What am I doing wrong? I have allow comments checked.

    Theme Author Kadence Themes


    If you are using a page template then you would need the add the code to whatever template your using.

    Kadence Themes

    I’m sorry, could you give me a little hint on where that might be? I’m using the Virtue template and have placed the code in the page.php for that template. Where else would I need to place it?

    Theme Author Kadence Themes


    The link you have above doesn’t lead to any page, it’s a 404 error. If you could fix that I would be able to see whats going on and tell you more.

    Kadence Themes

    It’s working now. Not sure why except, while I was waiting for you, I put some things back to their original state to tweak the header a bit and when I looked at the link for you I saw it was there. So I guess problem solved. If need more help (and I’m sure I will being a newbie) I’ll post again. Thank you.

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