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  • I have a WordPress site (or more) running just fine under GoDaddy. I need to move the site from the GoDaddy domain to a completely new domain and a new hosting company. I’ve tried to just move the FTP, but that won’t do it. Must be something simple, but I need some simple instructions on how to do it and what to do.

    Thanks loads!

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  • No knows how? I’d ask WordPress directly except that I can’t find a way to contact them.

    Desperate. Anyone?

    Drew Jaynes


    WordPress Core Developer

    I suggest referencing this codex article:

    It should answer and questions you have about moving your site. Good luck!

    I have a article and video on how to move wordpress to new host

    Let me know if you dod not understand any part will glad help you.

    sorry wrong tab was suppose post other topic.

    Thanks all. I’m back to trying it again. I’ll post the results when completed.

    I really appreciate the offer to step me through anything I don’t understand.

    Finally back.

    I read the entire article listed on DrewAPicture. If I already knew what to do I wouldn’t need the article, however, I don’t know. The article says to “download a copy of the main wordpress files (whichever those are and were to get them) from your OLD blog to your hard drive and edit ‘wp-config.php TO SUIT THE NEW SERVER. i FINALLY found the wp-config.php file and went into it with the edit button. There’s nothing in there that makes any sense to me. I don’t see any references to any server or URL paths. I know I’m new at this, but I don’t see a single reference to my URL.

    Then I’m supposed to copy my downloaded “main” files up to the new server????? Server as in a physical server? or Server as in a new domain???? Or server as in a new hosting company/server???? Or maybe my FTP sites?????

    As you can tell, I’m very frustrated with WP and lack of direct support. Then the articles don’t help newbies( at least not this one) at all. Step by step is needed, not an assumption that I already know what I’m doing.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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